Special Dietary Requirements

Gluten Free

If you’re Coeliac, gluten/wheat intolerant or have chosen a gluten free diet the days of sacrificing taste and quality and paying twice as much are long gone. We believe everyone should be able to have delicious cake, even if you are trying to avoid certain foods, without being penalised on quality or price.

Made in our dedicated gluten and wheat free kitchen, we have developed a large, high quality range of gluten and wheat free cakes and tray bakes.

We are members of Gluten Free Ireland, Coeliac UK and Food NI and use only certified Gluten Free ingredients. To ensure our products meet the current legislation of less than 20ppm we work with Imutest who provide us with in house gluten testing kits. We have also had our product tested by the local Environmental Health Agency with confirmation of a gluten content of less than 20ppm.

Dairy Free

Who says you can’t have your dairy free cake and eat it too? Making dairy free cakes is easy! They don’t need butter, milk, cream or yoghurt to make them taste delicious! Choose from a wide selection of cakes, tray bakes and muffins that are perfect for people with lactose intolerance or milk allergies.

Sugar Free

On request we can provide sugar free cakes. Please contact us for a list of products and prices. We use only Xylitol in our sugar free products. This is an all natural alternative to sugar and derives from the birch tree. It has a very low glycaemic index of 7, and as such is suitable for diabetics. A third lower in calories than standard granulated sugar it also has no detrimental effect on teeth.

Soya Free

A selection of our products are completely free from Soya, please enquiry for details.